The person behind the camera

Quirina Santing-Kamoen


The hardest part of setting up your website is this page, because how should I greet you. As a visitor, photographer, reader or a person who just wants to see my work. Because I’d like to do it in person and that you have a name. I have decided to greet you with dear…. and I feel honored that you are visiting my website.

My name is Quirina, I based in Emmen, The Netherlands. I live with my sweet husband Marcel and our dog Matsi. The camera really changed my life. My world has grown, because I have become curious about the world. Far from home, but also close to my own environment. Ever since I really started shooting, I know that I am a self confident and introverted person and enjoy the little things in life.

Photography is my greatest passion, capturing a landscape, cityscape or a detail of nature. Whether I’m documenting my personal life or going outdoor to photograph. I’m striving to create the best photos possible. I’m a strong believer that you should never stop growing and I’m not afraid to show that in my photos.

I hope you enjoy my website! Hope you come back regularly and would love it if you leave a comment on my blog.

Lots of love,